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90°C Hot Water Use

AISI316 impeller, pump body, and pump cover for higher temperature fluid up to 100 °C.

With high quality mechanical seal, aluminum motor housing.

High pressure and high efficiency. Long life operation, anti-rust, anti-corrosive features.

Apply to fresh water, sea water, pure water, and light alkali liquid.

Meet standard of drinking water sanitation.

With thermal overload protector and H grade insulation, IP 54, able to run continuously.

OUTPUT               1~1/2 HP , 1000~1850 KW

OUTLET                25~32 mm , 1-1/4~1 ”

RATED   H 20~25 (M) , Q 87~200 (l/m)

MAXIMUM         H 27~32 (M) , Q160~240 (l/m)

DIMENSION       360~366L X 213~245W X 253~275H(mm)

WEIGHT               15.5~20 KG

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